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Thread: "The Bruise" - Holley EFI/Ladder bar build

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    "The Bruise" - Holley EFI/Ladder bar build

    Well to get those up to date that remember my white extended cab, here about a year ago I pulled the Nitrous 370/4l80e/stock wiring, and rear end out and put it all into a 2000 rcsb. It ran 10.04 @ 135 with some issues, next pass the trans blew up. It sat for a while and then went in a Th400 with a trans brake and PTC 4000 nitrous converter.

    Testing 'The Bruise' 7-25-14 at Thunder Valley - YouTube

    Testing on the street.

    Lighting the candles

    Testing on the street before a race.


    Fast forward up to a few months ago I start collecting parts to build 3 way adjustable ladder bars, 9" with 35 spline axles, DA coilovers, and etc. Then I picked up the Holley HP EFI, along with the nitrous driver and other parts to go along with it. Also got the Leash Electronics pro 6 relay board.
    Then after losing $200 on a race because the nitrous didn't hit, it was time to wire everything up.

    Wiring board finished. Leash Pro 6 relay board, Leash Nitrous activation along with the trans brake interrupt, nitrous driver, and 12 volt and ground bus bars.

    Wiring board wired up and mounted to the trans tunnel along with the ecu.

    Finished project, went ahead pulled the radio and hvac controls and built a tac/switch panel. I have a master toggle to power the wiring board, toggle for the Holley, momentary start toggle, dome light toggle, then up top is my nitrous activation that also starts the fuel pump for my stand alone, then below that is the bang button to purge the nitrous thru the motor. Then to the right is the bottle heater toggle with the purge button below to blow the pressure off the line after a pass.

    Going to start on the 9" and 3 way adjustable ladder bars in the next few weeks.

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    Nice job. A real good clean install.
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    Thanks. Now I have to clean the drool off of my phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skylark View Post
    Thanks. Now I have to clean the drool off of my phone.

    Sorry about that lol

    Thanks guys

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