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Thread: What kind of numbers on this combo?

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    What kind of numbers on this combo?

    Hey guys just wondering what you think about this combo:

    -LS3 (out of a 2010 Camaro) doing a very small bore on it
    -Not sure about pistons yet (9.5:1 compression though)
    -leaving the crank and rods
    -ARP rod bolts
    -Alpermotorsports head studs

    -Tu1.5 cam(Duration @.050 is 228/228, LIft is .571/.571, and is on a 112LSA.)
    -PAC1519 Spring, 7.40 Chromoly pushrods
    -Otherwise stock LS3 head

    Turbo(Denmah kit from VSracing)
    -GT 45 80mm turbo
    -3" intercooler 31*12*3
    -44mm WG
    -50mm BOV

    -Aeromotive A1000
    -FAST LS3 85lb/hr injectors
    -5/8" fuel lines etc

    Everything else will be pretty much stock LS3.

    And I'm wondering what you guys think/know about using a long runner intake manifold in a FI setup?

    Do you think 900HP is realistic or?
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    Back Alley Motorsports 98 GMC
    -5.3l LM7 bored to 5.7l Thompson Motorsports -72mm T4 Magnum Turbo
    -TU1 Custom Grind cam(spec -799 heads
    -.660" Trick Flow dual valve springs -Forged Probe Pistons 3.902" flat top

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