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Thread: 2004 chevy 2500hd fuel pump help..

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    2004 chevy 2500hd fuel pump help..

    yep im in need of a new fuel pump for a 2004 6.0 2500hd long bed 36gal tank.. i need to know quite a few things regarding long bed vs short bed fuel pumps, does anyone know a good website/forum to find this info out..

    Im thinking about going with a walbro 255, but from the videos iv seen that pump is too loud for me.. are they spos to be loud like that, i read something about some sort of china rip off blaa blaa something on the walbros, so i thought why not just go back stock.. well 300+ dollars is a good reason not to...

    So i began my look for something cheaper, iv found tons of cheap 60 to 100 dollar ebay fuel pumps, but they are all for short beds.. just needing to know if there is any difference in them, i know the short beds fuel tank isn't as big as the long bed but idk for sure the size, im guessing the length wouldn't matter, but the depth would make the idea not work im sure.. and not sure if the sending unit for fuel gauge will be in the same ranges .. so ha ne1 can help please
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    There's really no difference between any of the trucks that R '04.
    They all use the same internal pump.
    The walbro isnt loud.

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