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Thread: $50 off OR free dyno pull! Nelson Performance Special

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    $50 off OR free dyno pull! Nelson Performance Special

    In preparation for the LS1Truck Shootout, we are offering a discount OR free dyno pull on every NEW TUNE ONLY from Feb 4th-7th.

    Schedule your truck or group of trucks during these days for a NEW Tune and receive $50 off your custom tune OR a free dyno pull!
    All trucks/suv/cars are eligible for this special.
    All modification levels are eligible for this special, from highly modified to stock.

    You must call and set your NEW TUNE appointment now before spots are taken. We will schedule appointments every hour throughout the days of the 4, 5, 6, 7 of Feb.

    note to all highly modified vehicles: please expect to drop your vehicle off the morning of your appointment; it will be done that day unless issues arise.
    This special is only available for live new tunes.

    see our website for pricing. Subtract $50 off the tune price OR choose a free dyno pull. All dyno pulls will be done after the live tune.
    this applies to new tunes only, no retunes.

    Call today: 210-626-0278

    Spots are already being filled up.

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