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Thread: What up with the old crew?!

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    Aug 2008
    North Texas
    I guess I was a shell electron to the group's atomic nucleus.

    Site has gone to hell it seems. Lots of inappropriate SPAM ad posts.

    Still have the Denali. It's not been modded any further than it was. Still runs 14.8.

    Sold the Blazer and got a 2007 Sierra 1500. Yes...tune, GMPP intake and slow.
    2.16 60'
    10.61@69 in the 8th

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    Mar 2003
    San Marcos Texas
    Glad to hear someone still carries the flame. I drive a slow diesel dodge. It tows the travel trailer well. I do drive a Chevrolet turbo for work but it is a 1.4l six speed manual.

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    Jun 2009
    Washington DC
    We're still around lurking in the bushes. I got rid of all my other trucks and cars. I'm back in a 2009 rcsb Silverado and a 2010 Z71 Tahoe. Mods coming for the Tahoe, the Silverado just has a cai and a very very mild tune. Did it myself after finally getting hptuners. Once I'm more comfortable I'll go further with tuning. Glad to see some old names popping up in here

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    Aug 2007
    Honeywood, Ontario
    I drive a Nissan now. Coming back to this site feels like walking through your hometown after its been turned into a ghost town. Almost eerie.
    2006 Silverado
    Little Black Bitch

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