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Thread: 1990 C1500 LQ9 Swap Questions, From Alaska.

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    Thanks for the reply, I'm still debating on which motor to purchase for the swap... The more I look at it the older DBC setup looks easier, but the DBW seem more through of an installation.

    I'm curious, and hopefully you fellas can make some suggestions...

    In Alaska we have plentiful access to 4wd transmissions usually leaving 2wd's hard to find. Can anyone reccomend a shop that can sell me a transmission that would mate well with a 6.0 out of a 2002 Chevrolet 1500? The more I think about it I'd like something a little more current than what's presently in the truck.

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    Im not sure the dbw tb is going to jive with the 700r4. I dont think youll have anyway to actuate the tv linkage. I have an lq9 in a 90 454ss, as others said, 1" setback mounts are what you need. I sold off all the DBW stuff and picked up a cable harness/pcm/tb. I reworked the stock harness and the pcm in is in the dash in the stock location. You are going to want the f-body pan. I have the gmpp hot rod/h3 pan and its still about an inch below the crossmember.
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    Alright fellas, I finally had time to look at some motors, figure things out... and the C1500's stock tbi 350 is about to bite the bullet.

    I found a decent looking lq9 out of a 2005 Escalade, for a round $1400. I'm having a heck of a time sourcing a transmission for it, and I'm thinking it would be easier to purchase a 4l80 from Jakes Performance, I think their stage 2 4l802a will do the trick, and the cost isn't something out of this world.

    Now with these two major components does anyone foresee any trouble finishing the swap from the tbi? I've hit the point where I'm just about desperate to swap the motor and get the truck running right so I can enjoy it. I absolutely hate how the truck drives at the moment. Swapping to a cable throttle body is going to happen, and the 4l80 is going to be my transmission of choice. Motor and trans will be left stock, I just want to get this thing running after... and I've already got a huge project on my hands at the moment.

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    well like mentioned, no matter which TB you go with, you have to get the correct pcm. i believe some pcm's only control dbc, some only for dbw, and some do both. need to use the s/n to find out. not sure why so many people go with the dbc. dbw is not hard to install at all. just bolt the pedal in place, plug in and your good to go. makes cruise easy. hardest part is bending the pedal to fit around the trans tunnel. but hey, whatever floats your boat. and obviously the computer needs to be flashed for whatever mods you decide to do.
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    kewljay, thanks for the reply. When I get home I'm going to take a trip to the yard and see what motors are available. From there I should know what I'm going to be looking at for an ECU and I'm going to definitely be ordering a 4l80 in the future.

    Thanks everyone for keeping this forum updated with information, it sure is helpful!

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    Finally made some decisions on an engine and transmission setup. Looked around at the salvage yards and found it difficult to source a 6.0 for under $1600, decided to go with a 5.3 out of a 2000 Silverado, and mate that to a 4l80e from a 1999 Chevy Express Van 2500. I also found a plethora of ECU's from the same yard for under $100 dollars... So it looks like I'll start stockpiling parts for the swap into my bagged 1990 C1500 sooner than I thought.

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    Ordered the following parts:
    Schoenfeld headers ls to truck swap style.
    CTS-V oil pan, pickup, dipstick and tube.
    Carshop Inc 1" setback mounts off ebay.
    HP-343 Fuel Pump kit, and adapter fittings ordered.

    I'll also be picking up a 5.3 and 4l80e from a recycler in the coming weeks.

    Engine harness will be coming from Nelson Performance.

    Can someone help me out with a clear defintion of whats needed for the fuel system?

    I'm going to order the HFP-343 fuel pump kit
    what else do I need to get fuel system working properly? Some say use a corvette fiter regulator, others use other parts...

    And I'm going with some -6an fittings for the transmission lines so I can run braided stainless.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I'm also looking at the Comp Cams 1449121 or the 224/232 cam, upgraded 7.4"x5/16" pushrods with 99831 beehive springs... I'll reuse the retainers.

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    A different recycler has a 80K 6.0 out of a 2006 Denali, Matching ECU, and a 1999 4l80e on hand... I'll be picking it all up this Saturday!

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    Ok fellas, I picked up a 2002 6.0 out of a Yukon Denali, and a 1999 4l80e out of a Express Van, and A ECU with a service number of 12200411. The TB is DBW, and the yard didn't have the TAC module or pedal available. Does anyone know where I could get those parts so I can start working with Nelson on a harness?


    Ordered the following parts off ebay since my local salvage areas don't carry them.


    I think this should be about all I need correct?
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