I have bought these covers for a few different trucks my wife and I have owned in the past.

Recently I removed cover and some of the buttons were broke. Never had this happen before.
I went to a truck accessories shop. They said the only way to fix is replace whole cover. I ask can I order the buttons. They say never seen that done. They said they could order new cover $100.

I told them I would get back with them.
Summit had covers for $60 shipped.
Extang offers a tapered warenty on covers 10 years.
The business I bought cover from closed. I called Extang told them my situation. They ask for my address sent me as many replacement buttons I needed and crimping tool for free.

I just wanted to say I will keep buying these covers and was very pleased with customer service.
side note. u need parts or something fixed on your truck. take the time research because this forum and other forums has help me out.