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Thread: new build daily driver into mega truck

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    new build daily driver into mega truck

    Getting to the point of build were i could use some help, as it sits right now its a stock 5.3 with a TH400 manual valve body 3k stall, 2 1/2 rockwells profab drop box and king coil over shocks. right now i will be running a fuel cell and radiator in the bed. my goal is after its running and driving is to run an LQ9 with some type of forced induction. so im wondering what would be the best inline fuel pump to run and what size feed and return line i should go with. also, i do have the stock engine harness in the truck still however i have no stock interior so im looking to make some type of stand alone harness with mechanical gauges. i will post more has i get closer IMG_0976.jpgIMG_0974.jpgIMG_0975.jpgIMG_0973.jpgIMG_0950.jpg

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    Depends on how hard you plan to push it. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me will chime in on this.

    I run 3/8" supply and return. But I just have a stock cammed 5.3. Wanted to do some type of forced induction on my Blazer but I was told I'd have to run in race class.
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