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Thread: Adding TPMS to 03+ Silverado

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    Adding TPMS to 03+ Silverado

    Your truck must already have remote key-less entry, as far as I know, for this to work. The key-less entry and TPMS are controlled through the passenger side door module. What you need is a PDM from a tahoe/yukon/escalade that already has TPMS, and the TPMS sensors. Swap the new PDM in the truck, perform the key-less remote relearn and the TPMS sensor relearn, and you are done!
    Here is the factory PDM from my 2004

    Here is the PDM I ordered from eBay. Notice how it says w/ TPM

    TPMS sensors

    This will now appear when you turn the ignition on

    Scrolling through the DIC will bring you here

    To perform the key-less remote relearn, follow these steps.
    To perform the TPMS relearn, follow these steps.
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    Cool write up.

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