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    I had the truck running and looking for leaks and I saw the brake booster hose. It collapsed (see pic). I have this connected to the rear of the intake manifold. I did use a regular fuel injection house laying around. Should I use a plastic one instead? Or did I hooked it up wrong?

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    LOL!!! thats hilarious. i must say ive never seen that before! OBVIOUSLY you need something stronger. just use some kind of hose that has the "threading" in between the inner and outer layers..... i.e. heater/coolant,oil,fuel etc... That is a VACCUME hose so it needs to be strong enough to resist the suction.
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    OK cool. Will get the right hose, thanks for the heads up

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    Sorry I have not posted recently. It was a rough few months for me and my family after my mom was not able to be treated any more from ovarian cancer and was set home with hospice care. She passed away peacefully a few days after Christmas.

    I am back on this project and it is helping me cope with my big loss. As far as my older 4L60e not shifting out of 2nd or 3rd gear, I found out it was stuck on limp mode. I change both 1-2, 3-4 solenoids and found out 3rd and 4th clutches were shot after the previous owner told me the trans was fine. I should have suspected the worse when I bought it not running. But then again I paid only $260 for it so its all a learning experience thus far. I found an '03 Silverado 4L60e that a guy was in need to sell after he did his 6.0 4L80e swap and after advertising it on craigslist for $300 I snatched it up for $150. Trans fluid was clean and no clutch material in the pan. I changed the rear seal and front seal by the pump and changed the rotor with the 13 or so keys and installed a corvette servo while I was at it and changed the VSS plug as well. I dropped the old trans and was installing the '03 when I forgot to seat the torque converter properly. Thank goodness I did not tight the bell housing bolts or I would have to open the trans and replaced the rotor again !! I mounted the trans bolted everything up and started the truck. It felt like the engine had a load on it cause it shut off a couple times on me. I had the wheels chocked and I could feel the truck wanting to move forward while the gear indicator said it was in park. I did delete the PRNDL switch from the trans cause I have a mechanical shift indicator. Well for some reason, the shift pattern is reversed !! Park is now in D1 and park was in L1 !! I had to shift it to R for Drive. Trans runs great and goes thru all the gears nicely. Maybe I have the shift linkage on wrong ? Also I had Brendan from LT1swap.com do my tune. He simply removed the vats and had tuned it so I could run my older 4L60e which did not have PWM. Would I have to send it back to him to add it back on ??

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    Sorry to hear about your loss !! Our condolences !!!More pictures when you get a chance !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dobok View Post
    Sorry to hear about your loss !! Our condolences !!!More pictures when you get a chance !!!
    Thanks. Will post some pics this weekend. Also, My alternator seems to be running hot. Within a few minutes of it running, the 5.3 alternator gets hot. I have one thick wire from the battery to the back of the it and one wire coming out of the plug of the alternator that I have plugged to the cluster voltmeter . It's putting out 13.8 volts and about the same when I put on a load like the headlights and what not.

    How about wiring the R4 a/c compressor? I was going to plug the compressor with the LS harness and plug up the accumulator and I believe cut off switch ( behind the compressor on the a/c line) from the obs harness. Please fill me in, thanks !!
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