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Thread: The carnage thread

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    I work at a dyno shop, took me about three weeks to figure out you don't stand beside a car while its being dynoed. Strangely enough it was my truck that thought me the lesson, at 140 the drive shaft broke and came out and attacked my ankles and legs if I can remember ill get a pic of the wall that took most of the energy out of the drive shaft. My tucking my pants inside my boots to make fun of my boss actually kept me from getting injured any more than just getting my feet taken out from under me. I'm sure if u ask Allen he has had a few mishaps happen while he dynos, I guess what I'm trying to say when on the dyno use common sense any thing could happen don't put your self in harms way!
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    Snapped output shaft on my VHO's 4L60e...

    2000 GMC Sierra 1500 RCSB 2wd - 454 LSX powered drag truck...

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    Factory drive shaft are gay.
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