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Thread: Torque Thrust 6

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    what you could do.. get them all polished out and either a clear coat over them (might yellow.. maybe) or a clear powdercoat so you dont have to do that over.. or not.. they look great.
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    Truck looks great with those wheels.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slick68 View Post
    Got em mounted today!! What do ya'll think? I need to wash it and take better pics.

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    Thanks for all the compliments. It looks like they may be coming back off, though. For several reasons. The main reason is as I stated before, these are still my dad's wheels and my sister wants them to put on her Tahoe. She willing to buy them from him and he needs new tires for his 01, so it helps him out. Secon, as much as I love the way they look, they ride like crap and are very noisy. That's the main reason my dad took them off. It just got on his nerves. I always thought it was the crappy Goodyear tires he had on, but it's just as noisy with my Hankooks.

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    i realize this thread is over a year old. i love the way these wheels look.

    Does anyone know where i can order a set for my 00 rcsb.
    I have been searching and seem to only find a 20'' wheel really looking for 17 or 18.

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