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Thread: 01 Silverado 05 E-fans

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    01 Silverado 05 E-fans

    2001 Silverado put in 34" radiator E-fans from 05 truck have harness from ls1fans.com?
    Self tuned with Hp Tuners. Have checked every thing twice
    Problem fans won't turn on when set PCM temp is reached turn on AC No fans until set temp is reached then only one fan on High speed.
    Used my Power probe to give Negitive to groung wire post relays (3) and both fans come on low. what can be the problem?
    Thanks for the help

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    I'm guessing the wirein, I got my harness from Nelson performance and it work flawlessly from day 1, I'd give them a call bet they'd be willing to help

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    Thanks, I Will Call Nelson and talk to them about there harness.

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    Today, I took the complet harness apart found a disconected wire in the relay socket ! Fixed It
    Now Fans work one on High for AC before set temp
    After set PCM temp two fans on Low with AC Both fans on High

    Thanks for the Help

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