I started on my new truck a couple weeks ago and have made a lot of progress so I thought id start a build thread on it. Im replacing the white truck in my sig since i lost it to a fire on june 2nd of this summer.

I got the front suspension out of the burnt truck and put it in this truck for the time being, im goin to put DJM tubular control arms in it by spring. The rear end i just ripped all the suspension out of it and ratchet strapped the rear end in place. Its getting a RideTech triangulated 4 link, QA1 coil overs, and a GM 10 bolt out a 96 impala ss. the impala rear end is the same width and wheel bolt pattern as the truck but ill have 3.73 limited slip diff, and rear disc brakes. The factory G-body for link upper control arm mounts on the rear end will work perfect with the ridetech kit. I just have to make new rod ends. The front clip was takin off, frame rails and fire wall sand blasted, made some block off plates for the firewall. Then I painted it all with my gun with Gloss black. Hopin to have the motor painted and in the truck soon.

Now for the pics!

Body lift in

body lift out

Burnt hood, grille, bumper, headlights, and antenna

New TSW 19"s

Basically how the truck will look in the spring

Wheels fit really nice, gotta roll the fenders tho

Just a cool pic of the toys

I moved the box forward 3/4" to close up the gap a little bit for a cleaner look.

Rear end moved forward 3/4" and tacked in place, about to start tacking in the 4 link

Had some fun with a magic marker

Ill post more as I go!