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Thread: My winter build (Rebuild after fire)

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    Jun 2008
    So its winter so the truck is off the roads now till april next year. Im getting some work done. the front clip is off and I gut the front fenders. Hard cornering, hard braking, or big dips in the road the front tires would rub and they have rubbed hard enough to crush the fenders a little bit. I also got rid of the wheel well lip and welded in a steel rod to keep it from getting flimsy then used a fender lip roller to push the fenders out half inch. now there is plenty clearance. Had to build core support braces because all the support came from the now flimsy fenders. Just finished a fan shroud for my dual efans. the fans were just mounted to the radiator itself but didn't keep the truck cool so hopefully this will solve that problem. Im also working on a new intake tube to put the filter in the front bumper behind the billet grilles along with a airbox. the truck is also getting a custom front splitter thatll be easily removable so it can be driven up onto a trailer and also get in and out of my driveway. None of the metal work has been cleaned up yet just trying to get it done so don't judge it yet. New parts coming after my vacation to Barrett-Jaskson Scottsdale in January.
    -New seats
    -New Shifter
    -2000 Silverado center console
    -New fuel system
    -Nitrous Outlet wet kit (getting ready for roll racing at powercruise next year)
    -Rebuilding rear end

    White 1992 C1500 RIP, lost to fire
    Orange 1997 C1500 Autocross truck

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    Truck looks better every time i check up on this.

    4.8, TSP 220, 6L90 swap, 3400 Stall, 4.10s w/30" drag radial and T76 @ 16lbs.
    Best ET 11.54@114 w 1.52 60ft
    Raceweight 4905 lbs.

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    New Brunswick, Canada
    nice, thanks for the update.

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