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Thread: Line out converter

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerrige View Post
    I think many people had to quit different industry's about then. Wish we could figure out this damn mess and get back to having fun instead of dealing wi this crapy economy. Still seems like you have a good knowledge base for being out of the game.
    Thanks. I didn't quit because I had to really. I quit mostly because I found a more guaranteed paycheck with benefits and less hours. I actually made more take home pay in car stereo but working on other people's crappy cars 6 days a week made me not want to mess with my goat on my one day off. In bigger cities I'm sure the nice vehicle to crappy vehicle would be better, but here in Wichita Falls people wanted to put stuff in some of the dumpiest and nastiest vehicles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Duct_tape123 View Post
    Awesome, thanks for the PNs. I had been trying to do this exact thing for a while now, just could never find a harness side connector to plug into the radio. Seems pretty straight forward and simple to do. As far as the radios being the same, they aren't. I tried my brother's '06 deck(non-bose) in mine and it did not work. All the radio functions worked, but no sound. There may be a wire missing to turn the bose amp on or something. I may get an iPod interface and hack it up so I can have my iPod and keep my system with the stock deck. Now if I could figure out how to add USB input I would be golden!
    Any time, I'm always happy to share any and all of my knowledge. I'm as eager to teach as I am to learn.That's good to know about the radios being different, keep that in mind if my method doesn't work on your bose radio, you might end up having to put RCA ends on your speaker leads out from the radio instead of using LOCs.
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