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Thread: 15x10 soft 8s

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    Oct 2011
    San Antonio TX
    Get em on there n post some pics lol.

    4.8, TSP 220, 6L90 swap, 3400 Stall, 4.10s w/30" drag radial and T76 @ 16lbs.
    Best ET 11.54@114 w 1.52 60ft
    Raceweight 4905 lbs.

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    Jan 2008
    will do, but does anyone know if my stock disc axles will work with drum brakes?

    04 RCSB 5.3, Homemade 80mm FM, TU1, TH400

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    Quote Originally Posted by o2camaross View Post
    The tire options for 15s is crazy compared to 16s. That's my main reason for wanting to swap to 15s. The tires I've been getting, my 295/50/16 Goodrich radial t/a is no longer available. I found a few sets of 325/60/15 that would be sick
    Do you have any pics of it with 325/60/16s?

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