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I bought a snap on mt2500 2 years ago and I love it, it's a bidirectional scanner that you can pick up relatively cheap. I got mine for $250.00 for everything, it was updated until 2004 when I bought it, and just recently I bought the vci reprogrammable cartridges for $300.00 off eBay, now it's good up to 09 because I also bought the can adapter for $40 off eBay. It scans all foreign and domestic, except BMW and Mercedes which you can upgrade to do those as well. You can datalog with it, freeze frame and the bidirectional controls vary with vehicles. Hope this helps!!!!
i wanted to see if i could get him a handheld (without adapters) that does bidirectional for all cars under 100k and that can turn off abs, airbag, engine lights etc.; after i get all the adapters for that snapon im over a grand. lot more than i wanna spend as a gift! but i appreciate ur input