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Thread: LIft kit Ideas

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    LIft kit Ideas

    Are there any true 8" suspension lifts out there I have been looking and I am not having any luck..Also if I do 37x13.50x18 do I need to beef up the gears or will OEM be good???

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    456 gears ftw!

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    I see on your one other post you say you've got an 04 Suburban, is that the truck you're inquiring about? There are a lot of variables when it comes to lift kits but a few I would recommend for the height you're seeking are the 7" Full Throttle lift, the 9.5" Full Throttle lift, the 6" Fabtech, or the 7" Cognito kit.
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    ^^^ What he said plus options of a solid axle swap. ORU has some sick SAS Swap kits.
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    Atleast 4.56 gears I have a 6" with 35/12.50/20s and I am thinking about 4.88s. The truck has the stock 3.73

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    I am going to agree with the Cognito kit. It is a 7-9" kit depending on how much you crank the torsions. And with the 37s I would go with 4.88 gears

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    My last truck was an 05 ccsb 5.3, auto, 4.10 gears. It had a pro comp 6" lift, 35" tires. The truck had no balls, I swapped to a 4.88 and it was much better. The truck was a 4x4 as well, I took it to a shop and had front and rear changed out cost me just over $3,000 parts and labor.

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    There are alot of good calculators and charts for use on this and they are all pretty much the same with final results. Pirate 4X4 has alot of reference on this subject. Here is a chart that I keep in my garage and has worked extremely well in all the setups that I applied in too.

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    I'd go cognito as well. They are well made. I have a 02 Yukon XL with 4.10's on 33's and it goes ok. I don't want any more rpm since it is mostly a family highway vehicle. So I put a YANK 2600 in it to help out with the off the line. My last truck (05 ECSB 2wd) had 35's and 4.56's and it moved well. If I was doing more commuting I would have gone 4.30. My buddy's truck (check long travel truck in for sale section) has 4.88's and 37's and it was almost a necessity. Partly cause it is a 4.8L with a 224 cam and 4000 stall, there is a lot of weight to get moving with not much torque.

    So IMO if it's going to see a bit of highway time, go 4.56
    If you want the power or are towing go 4.88
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