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    The Garage

    Jetmech's Garage

    It all started back in March of 2006. I bought my first NEW vehicle - a 2006 chevy silverado. About a year later, the modding began and I'm still not finished.

    The garage/Man cave

    The truck/money pit

    The Current Engine/gasoline consumer

    The performance on 8psi........for now

    The bed

    Around July of 2011, I finally finished building the 6.0L and it was ready to drop in. I ripped out the 4.8L (still ran great with 60K on the odometer) and the rear mounted garrett T-04 turbo, cleaned everything up, and stuffed in the 6.0L with a front mounted MP T-76.

    The old 4.8L

    The new 6.0L......a little used actually but still in awesome shape


    The Mods:
    ~Comp 220/222 580/580 114+2 cam
    ~Patriot 317 heads with all the goodies and hardened pushrods
    ~ARP rod and head bolts
    ~SLP double roller timing set
    ~Scorpion 1.7:1 roller rockers
    ~LS7 lifters
    ~LS9 head gaskets
    ~Methanol (Methyl alcohol) system
    ~KB Front mount hot pipes
    ~Master power T-76 - .72/.96
    ~Built 4L60 and a tru-trac in the rear end

    Pump gas......No nitrous

    I thought this was a clever way to check the valvetrain. I soaked the lifters in oil since they were brand new and are hydraulic roller lifters, then installed them. I slapped the heads on, painted the roller tip with a sharpie and rolled the engine over to see exactly where the roller tip would contact on the valve stem. Looked good to me!

    ......and the swap:

    That thing from the movie "Super 8" stole my engine as well. HA!

    In ya go:

    now for the turbo.......

    And the finished product!
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    ~ Forged engine of some type ~ Ball bearing turbo of an unconfirmed size ~ 4L8000 trans ~ Beefy fuel system ~

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