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Thread: Lextech's A/C Bracket Kit

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    Are these still being made?

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    a/c bracket

    If these are being made, I am ready to buy. Would also consider others priced reasonable. PM me, thanks!

    Also ready to buy the alt. relocation bracket.
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    PM'd you

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    PM'd you, how do I get one of these

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    how do you purchase on of these ac an alternator kits? i found out about them from a friend of mine thats done alot of 5.3 conversions in the older chevys

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    Im going an Ly6 6.0 swap on my 96 vortec c1500. iím definitely not thinking on removing my A/c... so do you have any of these kits available? and where can I buy or order?

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    How do I order your lextech ac bracket kit for the 96-99 trucks? I tried googling a website to order it from but I did not have any luck.

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