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Thread: LS1 Swap ... muffler questions

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    LS1 Swap ... muffler questions

    Well...LS1 swap was a success, (NOW I NEED ADVICE).
    Question 1: I would love to hear everyone's opinion on which mufflers I should run on my 68 Chevy truck with a 5 speed standard with my true duel exhaust system without catalytic converters. I want it to be nice and loud outside when i HAMMER DOWN but i want to cruise and carry on a conversation while i go down' the highway. Price is a concern for me as this swap has drained Ft Knox of all play money. So lets hear it; LIKES & DISLIKES & WHY i should choose one over another. Flowmaster, Hooker, Summit, Thrush, Dynomax, Magnaflow, Borla, or a nice off brand, etc.

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    i prefer magnaflow nice quiet rumble at idle then a deep and loud at WOT

    1989 RCSS 5.3/4L60E swap
    - 224/230 .581.591 112lsa,
    - 3200 Stall
    - DJM 4/6 drop
    - Nelson Tuned

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    I could barely hold a conversation in my 69 with dual Flowmasters on it. Just a mild 350 and duals. I'd go with magnaflow for something like that.

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    2013 FORD CCSB F350 6.7 Powerstroke 4x4

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    straight pipes FTW haha jk. i like dual 14" case magnaflows
    1982 c10 lsx swaped, NP tuned, true duals, 4:11s, trutrac, e-fans, CAI

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    I like magnaflows

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    I like the Hooker Maxflow myself. I have no problem with the Magnaflows either but the Maxflow will put down more power than a traditional muffler since it has a strait through design. They are quiet below 3k rpms but sound like strait pipe at WOT!
    2005 Silverado SS AWD
    AEM CAI, ARH LTs, HD-2 shift kit with vette servo, Circle D 278mm 3200 stall Madtunesracing.com street tune (MTR now has a Dynojet 248 chassis dyno)

    13.82 @ 94.92 w/1.83 60'

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