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    Headers, pulleys and shift kit and servo's were easly to get. Allen got me to a place that had them all the servo's together so I order them. Went to advertisers and found the best price on the rest.I looked at what a lot of people had posted on other site as mods. Did not ask them did not want the BS. This looked like a better site for my question. What is strange is I get close to the same answer to the question by everbody. I like short good to the point information. Converter and cam they don't have them listed as much and did a search on those. I am not going to run out and spend my hard earned money to buy something I will not be happy with. I beleive in paying up front for a better product that will give me what I want but I do not want to over pay. But, yes I am looking forward to having this complete. I want to be able to tell someone what I did what I have in my truck and know what I am talking about. Thank's Bill for telling what is stands for and what it means. I know what all the stuff is on the cam ratings. I can go to bed now know I learned something new.
    1999 Silverado 1500 Ext. cab Red 2/4 hotchkis drop & swaybars, bilstein stocks, AR626 & 404 Nitto's, Yank converter, ASM headers, ASP underdrive pulley, Taylor wires , free mods VCN 2000, Nelson Performance tuning

    2002 Red WS6 M6; Flow master K&N

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    Thank you Bill for the LSA info. That makes sense to me now.
    2006 Superior Blue Trailblazer SS AWD, Stock as a rock

    Sold: 2002 GMC Sportside Denali front end with a 2002 LS1, FLT level 5, Yank 2600, Trick Turbo, T76, Nelson intercooler, 60LB injectors, Warbro fuel pump, Eaton locker, Magnaflow, 3.42, Nelson Performance Tuning (speed density).

    Sold: 1981 GMC LB RC 1500 2002 4.8L 4L60E 12 bolt 3.73 Richmond Lock Right AC PS Nelson Performance tuning

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    You are welcome guys. Glad I can help.
    1991 Formula Firebird

    2001 LS1/4L60E, 3.23 posi rear
    Comp XE 216/216 .577/.577 114LSA cam
    918 Springs, hardened pushrods
    Yank SS3600 torque converter
    PCM reprogrammed for cam and converter
    3" exhaust
    BRM Adjustable torque arm, tubular read LCAs
    Spohn Adjustable panhard bar, front steering brace
    Spohn Subframe Connectors
    4th Gen style wheels
    Bilsteins sport struts and shocks

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