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Thread: 1994 Z-71 6.0 SuperSport Dyno results

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    1994 Z-71 6.0 SuperSport Dyno results

    I swapped out my totally lame 350 with TBI to an unbelievable 6.0 LSx engine and would do it again a thousand times over.

    I am still not 100% complete but it is now a daily driver. I went to Nelson Dyno Day and put down the following number with a stock 6.0 engine from a 2005 Silverado 2500 and a Nelson custom tune.

    260 RWHP
    270 RWTQ

    The difference in normal driving is awesome. Every OBS Z-71 should get this swap. I used my 1994
    4l60E that had been built by Alamo Performance and can scratch second gear without trying. I have often downshifted from about 30 mph and lit up the tires. I have really new Michelin LTX AT 265/75- 16 tires and my SuperSport Z-71 package has posi-traction so I am spinning a lot of tread. I want to find out my top speed real bad but haven't had the chance to drive to Ft Stockton yet... maybe soon.

    Z-Rod out-
    1994 Chevrolet Silverado Z-71 with a really nice Gen III 6.0 Vortec BBBBad to the Bone engine.

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    What did it take to do the swap? Ecm pin and flywheel and tune? Freind is thinking about doing this to his. Thanks

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    Couldn't agree more, LSX in my 94 was the best thing I could have done to it! Makes a perfect DD.
    1979 C-10 Big 10 LSx powered BUSTED REAR END
    1994 K1500 05 L33/60E swapped
    2005 Yukon 4x4 factory 4.10's

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    Very Nice! Doin the same to my 92 4wd.
    and I call myself a mechanic...

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    I am tossing this idea around for my '97! Did you just keep the factory exhaust manifolds? My biggest issue here in CA is smogging.

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    Quando eu era estudante, no tinha dinheiro para comprar um carro. Agora estou trabalhando como editor Jogo Plinko. Amo brincar e escrever sobre plinco ento fao com amor.

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