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Thread: My name is Evan, and I'm addicted to Trucks...

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    Oh and the tranny is a built 4L60E, and the rear end is SUPPOSED to be better then stock, I blew them both in the wreck. I have no idea how, all I know is it worked before, and not afterwards. Anyway, I baught the trans from a place in Topeka that builds strip cars, and the rear end was built in KC by a shop up there. So atleast if I got what I paied for, we don't have to worry about those things.

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    Even a built 60 could go pretty fast if you acheive the goal of 500 on the ground.... As far as the cladding Ive never seen it done really. But If I hear of any up for grabs Ill pm you. As far as for the next thing on the motor... Honestly if you are going to stick with the 5.3 I would go ahead and swap the cam when the truck is still down.... That way your not in a rush.

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    Well I found a bed today, $250 for a cherry off of a 05. Happy as can be! I go pick it up in the AM. Now I have to decide what I want to do for tailights, Definitly have to do something custom as the Escalade taillights flare out at the bottom. So I have to pick something and build custom taillights I guess. Anyone on here ever done that? With LEDs now it's earier to build the back plates. I was thinking I could build a buck of the lights, then a vac. mold of that and just heat form some lenses. I donno, mabe I'm going about this the hard way. Ideas?

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    I think you're supposed to have 30 posts and 30 days to put stuff for sale.

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    Welcome to the site, sorry for all of your past problems, and I'm sure you'll find the help here to get the truck where you want it to be.

    Please note - I edited your earlier post. 30 days and 30 posts are required to sell items. Once the 30/30 has been reached, feel free to list items in our classifieds section.

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    oh damn thats 1 hell of a story man well welcome n i hope everything goes well good luck n if u need help we're here 2 help
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    Thanks Gordo.

    Well I got a door cladding on for test fitting today. Trying to make the rear door cladding now, it's a real PITA. I was thinking I would just take one off of an Escalade ESV rear door and swapp sides on them so the body line reliefs would be towards the back of the truck to give clearence when the doors open to the reear. Well guess what they are not the same size at the fronts as the are in he rears. so when I switched them front to back (the backs body lines being .5"ish bigger) they then did not line up on the bottom with the cladding on the front door. So ok, I will have to slice then lengthwise and take out a pie wedge. No problem. The rears of the panels didn't line up with the shape of the doors (cause they are supposed to be the fronts) so again I took out a pie wedge and remolded the rear side to fit. The doors ( and thus the cladding for them) on a ESV are longer then the suicide doors on our trucks so I took out about 8" from the middle of the panel to shrink it up to the proper size. Now I have to shave down all of the edges to just the right thickness to overlap them, glue it all together with Duramix, and pray I get it straight. Then sand it, prep it and lay some plastics prime on it.

    Did I confuse any of you? I left some of it out, but this was enough, lol

    What it all boils down too, is the parts I thought would be the easiest to fit to my truck will be by far the hardest. Go figure, and the rear door claddings will be giant blobs of 3M plastics welder/filler.

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    welcome...lots of know-how on this site.

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