Alright everyone, I figured Id make a semi short transmission install write up, hopefully this can help someone in the future.

vehicle receiving the new tranny- 2002 silverado ecsb 5.3 4l60e 4x4 with a 6" Fabtech

First make sure you have enough space to work around the truck, the day before you can use PB Blaster on all the bolts that you will be removing the following day to make things go a little faster.

Second- Make sure you have all the parts ready before you start to eliminate all of the last second trips to the local auto parts store. (Tranny fluid, Transfercase auto trac fluid from GM, new tranny, torque converter, transmission cooler flush, gaskets, etc. Also any tools that you dont have that you will need, jacks, blocks of wood, fluid drain pan, etc.

To start off, start by chalking the tires and putting the E-brake on.

Then remove the drain plug and let all the fluid drain as much as possible, if 4WD, drain transfercase as well (just makes things easier to move around and its good maintenance anyways)

remove the driveshafts and the collector bolts on the exhaust while your waiting for all the fluid to drain.

on mine I had to cut the exhaust since its welded all the way back from the collector at the exhaust manifold, if you need to do this then nows a good time.

now start removing all of the electrical connectors that you can see and the breather hose off the transfercase, (on mine the connectors to the neutral safety switch were pretty darn stuck so I just left em on and left the switch under the truck)

from here undo the crossmember and drop it out of the truck with a jack supporting transmission, then remove the 6 bolts with a 15mm shorty wrench and pull the transfercase out of the truck

from here you can remove the brackets on the tranny and start putting them on the new one, also I try to put all the hardware in the right spots and Ill take em back out when Im at that point

from here lower the jack and undo all the bell housing bolts, tranny cooler lines, (theres a c-clip that needs to be taken out and they pull right out) and dipstick tube

I chose to leave the torque converter on the flexplate, so just pull the transmission out and wait for all the fluid to drain out of the torque converter (its messier this way but it was getting late so I just left it this way overnight with a ****-ton of fast dry around it)

from here make sure the battery is disconnected and remove the starter and twist the flexplate around and remove the original torque converter

now make sure everything is off of the old transmission and install it on the new one

and heres the old piece

Now that everything is out of the truck its a good time to use the can of cooler prepared it comes out a lot faster than I would have imagined and makes quite a mess....

now put atleast two quarts in the torque converter and then install it in the new transmission and make sure it is all the way in

now get the new transmission under the truck with the torque converter fully seated and put it on the jack, jack it up and align the nubs with engine and bolt it up, carefully align the flexplate with the torque converter bolt holes and carefully install one at a time where the starter sits. (if the torque converter clunks or falls forward, then pull it back off the engine and reseat it)

now get all of the bellhousing bolts back in, brackets, lines, dipstick, breather hoses, starter, dustcovers

now get the transfercase bolted up while you have a jack supporting the transmission.

now put all the connectors back on and make sure everythings in the right spot, since I removed the drivers side exhaust that tucks above the cross member, I put it back in place now, its also easier to reinstall the front driveshaft while its out as well.

now its time to reinstall the crossmember, have someone play with the jack while you put it in so everything lines up correctly, bolt it up!

now the rear driveshaft needs to be reinstalled and fill up all the fluids with the right stuff

now that everythings bolted back up go over every bolt one more time to make sure everythings torqued to spec (look at a chiltons)

check all your fluid levels and start it up, ( I chose to disconnect all the wires from the coil and crank it a few times to let the pump hopefully get some more fluid in the TC before starting it up)

let the truck run and continue to check for leaks, any wierd sound, watch the fluid levels and while sitting still run it through the gears and make sure you feel it engage for each one.

Make sure to take care of your buddies with plenty of drinks and pizza