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Thread: Welcome to "My Garage"

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    Welcome to "My Garage"

    This section of the forum was setup for users to highlight their trucks, works in progress, personal interests, things about yourself that you want to share with others. Basically, this section is a place to put all the information about your ride. Post pics, detail your modifications, things your planning on doing to it in the future and just tell us how
    much you like/love it.

    If you title your "My Garage" topic as your user name then it may make it simpler to search for, also.

    You can post a link to the "My Garage" post you created in your signature for others to follow back here to see your information if you like.
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    See my truck data in the "My Garage" section here... http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/my-ga...tml#post191709

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