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Thread: Cleaning Injectors?

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    *whispers* carb cleaner...works wonders for like $2 a can....*end whispering*
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    I was just commented on what I've heard elsewhere. I've never used it myself.

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    i 3rd mean when u suck sea foam through a vacum line it never goes through the injectors
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    Just to clarify, seafoam is not just sucked down a vacuum line. The seafoam treatment is done by sucking some down a main vacuum line to clean the combustion chambers, used in the oil to clean oil passages and remove gunk, and in the fuel tank to clean the entire fueling system.

    Since you have the injectors out use carb cleaner, way cheaper than seafoam!
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    To effectively clean injectors, begin by using a reputable fuel system cleaner. Follow manufacturer instructions for optimal results. Additionally, consider consulting a professional for a thorough inspection. Speaking of mold inspection Jersey City, it's advisable to contact a certified mold inspection service. They'll assess and address any potential mold issues, ensuring a safe and healthy environment in your home or business.

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