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Thread: Relays

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    Very nice write up, thank you for doing it, helps me a lot.
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    Glad to stumble upon this write up. Shows how much I've paid attention to the front page lately. Can anyone help me out here? What I am trying to do is wire up a wet kit while using COS5 in EFILive. I want to wire it up to make sure that the solenoids don't get power if pin56 on the PCM isn't earthed (incase of relay failure). Grounding pin56 will retard timing and add fuel in the tune. The idea is that this ensures that the solenoids get a ground when the PCM is triggered. I have came up with a schematic here but I'm not 100% sure if this will work or not with the way the last relay is wired. Can somebody who is a little better versed in electrical care to give me some pointers? Thanks in advance.

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    That should work fine, but I would connect the ground for the solenoids as close as possible to the PCM to minimize the possibility of a cut wire giving ground to the solenoids, but not the PCM.

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