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Thread: diy turbo? injector q's also

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    diy turbo? injector q's also

    So I guess we need a sticky pro or something but I have no idea where to start. I have a 4.8 and want to do a turbo setup but as cheaply as possible. What type of junkyard or ebay or craigslist turbo would I be looking for? i know lots of tubing and a blowoff valve and etc are required. oil lines to the turbo. what about fuel pump?(necessary?) and where do you find larger injectors at? what would be a good #injector? and could nelson or wheatley tune it up or does it pretty much have to be in kit form. thnx

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    You'll need:

    turbo (size varies T-60, 67, 70, 76...)
    FMIC - intercooler (can use E-bay version 12x31x3) TRT sells them also
    BOV not necessary esecially if using Garrett turbo
    intake piping/silicone connectors
    oil/lines for turbo
    injectors (Nelson has a variety 42# to get you started 60's for large boost)
    intake/exhaust springs
    fuel pump
    gauges (wideband, boost)
    upgrade transmission
    A really good tune!!

    2004 Silverado Crew Cab, forged iron 5.7, STS w/MP turbo, 10+ psi, FMIC, Tial 50mm BOV, Vic Jr, Snow performance meth, MTI Stealth cam .220/.220 .581/.581 115lsa, Comp chromoly pushrods, Yank TT3000 stall, LS1 Efans, 160 tstat, Trucool 40k trans cooler, 60# injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Patriot springs, Built 4l65E w/billet input & output shafts, Eaton posi, SD tuned...all installed by Klein North Automotive

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    Do you want to do a front mount or rear mount?

    The rear mount is very easy to duplicate, however, the front mount will require some good welding skills (if you make your own header) and a little more planning.
    There are quite of few diy turbos around.

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