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Thread: Classifieds Rules - Read Before Posting or your thread may be deleted

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    Classifieds Rules - Read Before Posting or your thread may be deleted

    Classified Rules

    1. Listing must state a price and be in your possession. No selling for a friend.

    2. You must post a picture of the actual item being sold. Stock photos or photos taken from manufacturers websites are not permitted. If you are unsure how to post pictures within a forum instructions are here: If you do not post pictures, your thread will be deleted. Members purchasing items for which pictures have not been posted do so at their own risk. If parting out a vehicle, we recognize it's impossible to post a picture of every part in the original listing. If a member is interested in a particular part, it is required that the seller post a photo of the part and a price. If part(s) are sold/purchased without a photo being posted, the moderators will not assist in reconciling any differences as a result of misrepresented items, etc.

    3. No retail sales that are in competition with our sponsors! They pay to advertise here and sell new parts. If you wish to sell retail items you may become a site sponsor!

    4. Firearms or related items are not allowed to be bought or sold on this site. In order to protect this site from Federal problems we cannot allow the selling, trading, or buying of any gun or weapon related items.

    5. No “Gauging Interest” or "Feeler" posts. Either you want to sell the item or you don’t. These types of for sale posts wind up being too close to an auction.

    6. Thread crapping is not allowed, this is posting links to similar items of a lower price or in general saying an item isn’t worth what it’s listed as.

    7. Multiple items for sale should be posted within one thread with the exception of an entire vehicle.

    8. Group purchase threads are only allowed by official site sponsors unless pre-approval is given from admin.

    9. Do not post your items for sale in someone else's thread.

    10. No links to items on Ebay or other classified sites unless it is your own item in your name. Any links to Ebay or other sites, must have it clearly listed in the title of the thread what site the listing is on.

    11. The emergency technical help section (chatbox) can not be used for buying, selling or discussing sales of any type. Please use the private messaging system or emails to keep a record of any transactions.

    12. No auction style posts are allowed, you can accept offers but a reserve price must be listed.

    13. No claiming an item unless you are sure you're going to buy it. All items remain for sale until paid for. Dibs are not accepted.

    14. A minimum of 30 days AND 30 posts on the site is required in order to sell items in the classifieds section.

    15. Non-sponsor posts advertising goods or services in other parts of the forum will be deleted.

    16. Post within 24 hours when items are sold.

    These rules are designed to protect you as a buyer and seller. While we don't want to take away the freedom on every thread and post within this forum, be advised that anything you buy or sell outside of the classifieds, that doesnt conform to these rules is at your own risk. Any violation of these rules can result in your thread being deleted, access to the classifieds being removed, and/or being banned from this site.
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