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Thread: Even better times...

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    Apr 2003
    South MS
    I comlpelety understand on the residual bacl.
    Yea, I have actually been looking at a new wideband that just came out by DynoJet that looks interesting. I really want to get this thing dialed in perfect.
    I am likeing the job OK. The paycheck is good though. I am tring to save up for a Radix (or something along that line) but a heads/cam package may come before that. It all depends on if my buddy is going to make me a great deal on a set of Patroit stage2 heads he has.
    2000 Silverado, RCSB, 2wd w/ a few mods.
    Best 1/4 ET: 12.09@111.22 (old 5.3L H/C/N2O setup)
    WRE 370 and Kenne Bell 2.8L installed and breaking trannys.

    2001 Tahoe LT 4wd
    Stock, daily driver and tow vehicle.

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    Mar 2003
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    Know about the radix not about the heads/cam. Glad your happy with job and money. I don't make much but happy were I work. I make ends meet some month other I get ahead a little bit. 18 years same place next month.
    1999 Silverado 1500 Ext. cab Red 2/4 hotchkis drop & swaybars, bilstein stocks, AR626 & 404 Nitto's, Yank converter, ASM headers, ASP underdrive pulley, Taylor wires , free mods VCN 2000, Nelson Performance tuning

    2002 Red WS6 M6; Flow master K&N

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