This section is for our sponsors to share deals and to organize group purchases.

This is not a section to post your experiences good or bad with any sponsors.

While we will allow members to seek help for any problems they have with any sponsors, be aware of the rules of
Rule # 13

13. Sponsor Bashing

Our paying Sponsors deserve respect and restraint. Attacking a sponsor on the board is inappropriate. If you have a complaint with a sponsor, you may post the information in the appropriate forum and show the facts pertinent to the problem at hand. If you do post on the board about a specific problem involving a sponsor, please remain calm and state the facts. Do not let emotion cloud the issue at hand.

We really hope situations can be resolved off-line but we will not prohibit a statement of fact BUT we will control the thread so as to stop the “Hate” or “Me too” replies these threads often generate.

If the situation resolution seems to be totally unacceptable or completely ignored, you should contact the Board Administrator directly with your situation. Send all pertinent information to