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    I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right place on this forum for this but I'm looking into doing the 5.3 swap into my 98 4x4, basically the exact swap that 91blkstpsd did with his 93, I'm unsure of eveverything I'll need so if I could get a list somehow so I can figure out how much funds I need it would be very greatly appreciated

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    4L60-E "Corvette" 2nd servo


    According to ATSG service manual, the following 4L60-E transmissions have the “Corvette” servo installed from the factory, based on the center hole dimension on the divider ring.
    The trans codes stamped on the passenger side pan rail on the trans are:

    If in doubt, check the casting number on the divider ring or measure the hole.


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    Post your article

    Love the article, nice to get a bit more background to the Honeychild story too

    And as an aside, what IS it with cats that need to be in photographs too? Very cute lol

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