Silverado 100 Horsepower Performance gain on a budget

Are you looking to make 322 horsepower to the wheels on a budget?

Test Vehicle: 2006 Silverado 5.3L regcab 2wd

Baseline HP: 224hp

Final HP: 322HP , 300TQ

Our test vehicle is a 2006 Silverado donated by Jacob of San Antonio, TX.

We all know how it starts, you bolt on a few simple modifications and before you know it, you have the performance bug, this Silvervado is no exception.

The first series of mods consisted of bolting on a set of Pacesetter headers, along with a 40 series Flowmaster.

The installation was soon complete with a StageII cam package from Nelson Performance. The custom grind features a healthy 220 duration and .588 lift.
So you want a 100 extra horsepower from your Silverado, here is a list of proven components.

Pacesetter headers and ypipe: $400

Custom cam kit: $690

Performance tune: $375

Flowmaster muffler: $50

Installation will vary.

Here are the results of our performance upgrades.

Installation and dyno tuning provided by Nelson Performance, San Antonio, TX.