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Thread: Beware: Distinct Fabrications out of Mckinney, Texas

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    Beware: Distinct Fabrications out of Mckinney, Texas

    My truck was damaged after taking it to a shop to have the front tubbed. The same day I dropped it off, it was hit, by another customers Yukon, that was in the shops possession.

    The owner, Hector, of DF stated he was going to take care of it. So he was to tub, fix damage, put on shackle, and paint my rear bumper.

    What I got was shackles...yup, all he managed to do in 3 weeks of having the truck was installing my rear drop shackles. The day before the insurance picked it up to take it to the body shop (that I had to initiate through my insurance) he stated that he had the driver side tubbed and would cut out the screwed up fender (mini-tub) in order for me to at least have it drive-able. Well, he didn't.

    I paid $150 up front on good faith for him to do the work (as several guys recommended him, so I felt comfortable doing this). This guy should be ashamed! He had a location in Rowlett, now Mckinney, and stated that he was moving to Arlington soon. STAY AWAY!

    The day it left my house

    The same day I dropped it off, this happened

    does it look tubbed to you?

    Oh, and after all the bullshit, he then says he can't afford to fix it, and that the guy who was driving the customers car who was at fault was claiming it on his insurance. So this coming Wednesday puts me a month without my truck, no rental, and as of 8:42 am Monday morning, his insurance has not taking fault.

    Please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Learn from my mistake..."homeboy hookups" can go very wrong.

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    thanks for telling us!

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    Damn! Status all the way!

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    I don't think Status is even around anymore...and if they are, it's a tad bit late now. Once it's fixed, I will choose a shop to take it to. I am far too low with the coilovers, that or I will have to run a smaller tire, which I don't want to do.

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    Allstate called, to take down some info, but they still have yet to talk with the guy at fault so they can send payment to USAA. Today makes a week, and still no word on my refund.

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    what a j-hole! sry to hear about this man, x2 on the homie hook ups never again! my truck got tore up and had it fixed... need less to say the shops now outa buisness and i need my truck redone as well.
    Built 2 Run! 6XX HP/ 6XX TQ

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    Still no refund, last I heard there are some rather scary characters after him as well, and he left town. What I do know is his cell is now shut off, and he deleted me off his FB. He a piece of shit, scamming thief!

    I got my truck back, after having to pay my deductible. Screw Hector Ramirez...sorry sack of shit!

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    still nothing resolved...

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    Which coilovers are you running? any issues with the factory upper control arms?
    I ask, because my static drop is ripping balljoint boots left and right

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