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  1. CHEVROLADE: Thank you very much, needs .575...

    CHEVROLADE: Thank you very much, needs .575 spacer looks like. Then the PCM reflash. Seems like a lot of work. I want to go through with it though.
  2. 2001 5.3 Yukon XL transmission swap to 4l80e?

    Newb here!! I have been looking around and I have kind of go some info on it, like the 32 pin input shaft/gear for the Transfer case, and reflash of pcm, and modified crossmember, I guess my question...
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    Newb from Nebraska

    Hi all, mame in Matt, just registered. I just bought a used 2001 Yukon xl, with no rust but horrible interior, the floor and rug was soaked and smelly.:sigh: I have since replaced the rugs and now...
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