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  1. Procharger boost with and with out intercooler

    I have an 05 Silverado with a stock 5.3. I'm looking to add a Procharger P1SC to it. I have a head unit from my old Firebird, and can easily mount it with a mounting plate from Brute Speed. My...
  2. Thanks for the input, several things for me to...

    Thanks for the input, several things for me to think about. Not looking for a drag race truck, just want something fun. Had trucks most of my driving life, but spent the last 15 years with a...
  3. Best year (2000-2010) Silverado for a turbo system

    I was looking to see if these was a best year truck for a turbo system. I'm looking at a 2000-2010 Silverado/Sierra 4 wd. It will ultimately end up with a turbo system on it. Not sure if going single...
  4. Thread: New from NC

    by NC Eric

    New from NC

    I'm from Asheville, NC. I have been working on car for fun for about 25 years. My current ride is a supercharged Firebird. it was damaged recently, and I don't think I'm going to be fixing it. I'm...
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