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Thread: Going N/A: LQ4/S480 Partout!

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    Going N/A: LQ4/S480 Partout!



    Hello everyone. Like the title reads I have (sadly) decided to part out my engine/turbo build. There were high ambitions when I started this endeavor, and finally realized I do not want to go Turbo on my truck anymore. Instead I am going to install a stock LQ4 in my OBS for now. Turbo is still in my heart, but I will be looking for a car project later to play with, and ::cough:: I'm buying a house and options are expensive! Located in Las Vegas, NV Cell is 702-232-8330 or PM me, and I will try and answer messages whenever possible. Thank you!

    Here is a link to my build:

    I would like to sell everything "as is" to anyone wanting a build that is pretty much done for them NO TRADES PLEASE. I will piece out later if I get "no bites." Nothing has been fired up while in my possession and many of the parts are Brand New as well as some that were purchased right here from reputable PT.net members. I will include a list to all who are serious about buying, with exact prices I have paid for parts and labor as the build went on. Nothing is hidden and I am open to serious offers! Could even ship if interested and will work with you on the price.

    So what you are getting is:

    2005 LQ4 w/Harness & ECM 75k original miles
    Clevite 77 Main Bearings P-Series
    Clevite HP Rod Bearrings
    Dura Bond Cam Bearings
    N-Motion LS2 Timing Chain Set
    Isky Triple 12 Cam
    Trick Flow Timing Chain Damper
    Reworked Heads (Baker Cylinder Heads) LV NV
    Melling Performance Oil Pump 10296
    Comp Hardened Pushrods 7.35
    ARP Cam Bolts
    GM Crank Bolt (New)
    Balanced Rotating Assembly (Labor)
    Cam Bearring Install (Labor)
    EndGapped Rings (Labor)
    Trunion Upgrade Install (Labor)
    ARP Pro Series Head Studs
    Patriot Gold Dual Valve Springs
    Comp Cams Trunion Upgrade Kit
    LS Engine Lifter Set
    Oil Valley Plug
    Katech Rod Bolts
    Lifter Trays
    LS9 Gasket .051 Thickness
    FelPro Gaskets Throughout
    Pinned Crank
    All Accesories Minus the A/C and Bracket

    I may be seriously forgetting something but will answer all questions about this build.
    Total for the engine and parts is $4153.00 and I could do $3800 plus shipping!
    (Does not include intake or injectors)

    Will include pictures of everything as I go along. Here is a preview for now:

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    Bump $3500.

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    Price Drop $3300!

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    Very close to what I wanna do... wish I had the $$$$ im trying to snag a 6.0 at the moment.
    Built 2 Run! 6XX HP/ 6XX TQ

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