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Thread: Allen's Shop (Google Maps Street View)

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    Allen's Shop (Google Maps Street View)

    For those of you that have not seen Allen Nelson's shop. Here is how you can see it. Go to Google maps, type in his address hit search you will see the map appear with a small picture (street view), click on the picture there are two arrows top left, click the one on the right 3 times. On the street there are also arrows. Go south about 3-4 clicks. you will see his shop, it is red. Pretty cool.
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    i used map quest to get there my first time it told me to get off the 45. and .01 miles turn left onto rosavelt. well there was no left there, i had to go down about 3 minutes to rosavelt an turn right hahahaha

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    Oh,yeah. I see Allen inside. I always figured he must be good looking, what a surprise to see what he really looks like.
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