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Thread: Why LS1

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    The LS1 is a great swap because it's light years ahead of the gen2 SBC. It is about 150lbs lighter, produces lots of clean horsepower and gets great mileage. Also, the seals and gaskets are precision and are designed not to leak.
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    Comp XE 216/216 .577/.577 114LSA cam
    918 Springs, hardened pushrods
    Yank SS3600 torque converter
    PCM reprogrammed for cam and converter
    3" exhaust
    BRM Adjustable torque arm, tubular read LCAs
    Spohn Adjustable panhard bar, front steering brace
    Spohn Subframe Connectors
    4th Gen style wheels
    Bilsteins sport struts and shocks

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    Amen to that!!!!

    I had a hard 100K miles on my 98Z before I sold it, and not one leak. The proof is in the pudding, or whatever they say.

    You can even reuse the gaskets many times, I did, and not one leak.


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    cuz it came in my truck lol

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    I really like red

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    Why LS1? B/c carbed motors are too much of a pain to play with, imo. The LS1 is badass and will make my 3200 lbs truck fly, hopefully.
    91 s10 - bagged and bodydropped...getting rebuilt
    91 nissan - backhalfed and bagged

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    I agree with you all plus where else can you get a drivetrain you can abuse all night at the track and drive it to work all week at 20+ miles per gallon. It also sounds different and runs smoother than any engine I've ever heard, and it fits in almost anything. I've ever seen this engine fitted to helicopters. It is truly GM best engeneering feet ever.
    2006 Superior Blue Trailblazer SS AWD, Stock as a rock

    Sold: 2002 GMC Sportside Denali front end with a 2002 LS1, FLT level 5, Yank 2600, Trick Turbo, T76, Nelson intercooler, 60LB injectors, Warbro fuel pump, Eaton locker, Magnaflow, 3.42, Nelson Performance Tuning (speed density).

    Sold: 1981 GMC LB RC 1500 2002 4.8L 4L60E 12 bolt 3.73 Richmond Lock Right AC PS Nelson Performance tuning

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