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Thread: Got the rearend beefed up!

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    Mar 2003
    Austin, TX
    hey allen you just haven't ran into me yet :booty:

    Red 94 GMC Sonoma
    Red 94 Jeep Wrangler
    Red 02 RCSB Silverado
    Red 03 Ford Cobra
    Red 04 CC Silverado
    Red 05 Yamaha Raptor

    I really like red

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    Mar 2003
    San Antonio, TX
    i just did some more tuning on my truck today, redid the entire maf table and timing table, also, adjusted the trans and pressure, don't forget the badass idle i have now, it actually idles like a completely stock engine, that's right it is a stock engine, and it'll still beat you , hahahha

    i'm going to see how low i can get the stock components to go, hoping for low 13's, that would just fine, then i'll install a cam/rods/springs.

    hey, you're going to need some cheap ls1edit tuing on that badboy, i think if you go with me, i'll tune it just so you can't beat me, hhehehehe

    good luck on the project and keep us updated on those turbos,


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    Apr 2003
    L.A., California
    Can you guys give me ballpark prices on an eaton posi+install? And if I were to do the rear, as long as I'm doing it, what else is recommended to beef it up? I don't think I want higher gears right now, my 3.73s are fine. I do mostly highway driving and gas is killing me as it is....
    '01 Sierra 4.8 SCSB
    4.10, Eaton posi, Nelson tune, 160 t-stat, K&N Intake, Magnaflow catback, Vig 3200, Transgo+billets, 100 NX wet shot

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