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Thread: Cooling System Leak

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    Cooling System Leak

    I hope this is the correct place to post.
    My daughter has an 05 4.8 that has started drinking coolant.
    Can't see external leaks, so I'm assuming it's a head gasket, cracked head, or block.
    The fresh air garage is not kind right now, below 0F, is there a sealer someone has used, or might recommend, to at least make it to warmer weather?
    I'm concerned about plugging the steam tubes.
    Thanks in advance

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    Put a pinch of Copenhagen in there.
    Quote Originally Posted by farmtruc View Post
    It's always a good big accomplishment to get such a big build running. So congratulations on that!
    However, you're already talking bs and the truck is on jack stands, lol.
    Get it on the track, run some respectable times, then say "to all the haterz" because that vid is weak lol.
    You got a long ways to go to compete with the turbos!
    Quote Originally Posted by 2boosted View Post
    Sorry dude....what I meant is that you are full of shit. Your supercharged turd wont ever make it to the 8's and your wasting energies as Casey did.
    Go turbo and be done with it.

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    I'd check water pump first. Those things leak out of the weep hole and usually won't show that it's leaking.
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