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Thread: 2003 1500 solid front axle conversion with 1ton axle

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    2003 1500 solid front axle conversion with 1ton axle

    Hi I am doing a solid front axle conversion on my 2003 1500 chevy silverado. I have already done the the 4l80e swap. At the time I was doing the 4l60e to for 4l80e swap was when I decided that it was time to get reed of the problematic ifs that has hinder the off road capability of the truck. I had long travel but it was not good enough. So I decided 4x4 why not. The main problem I came across was a conversion kit. No one made one.
    My research should plenty of 2500 kits and conversion, but if you want one for a 1500 your stuck with leaf sprung front ends and the weak Dana 40 if you can find a 6 lug. That is how I can up with my own design.
    First i started with an axle that would fit under a 2500 and align with the factory transfer case of a 1ton. sense I had already installed a 1ton manual t case from a 1999 suburban that had the 454 engine, when i was doing the 4l80e swap. The axle i chose was out of a 2003 dodge 2500 4x4 with 4-10 gears.
    Another reason for that choose was that the wheel speed sensors are the same as the chevy.
    Next was leaf sprung, four link or three link? I really want this truck to have go off road ability, but I still want the stability of a street driven vehicle. So I went with the four link set up. Not the leaf or three link. The leaf just would not do what I wanted to do and the three link would be way to loss on the street.
    I have had the long travel on my truck for a long time and i used to the soft roll to the long arms. But none of the kits I have seen for the 2500 have a long travel option.
    Well I thought why not take a version of long arms that I had on my jeep xj and cross it with the durability of the shorter 4 link kits. I drew up some brackets and designed the kit with less then a 1/4 of inch axle roll through the 14-in of usable travel.
    The arms that I will be using are two 5-feet plus inch with a centered frame mount designed to also tie in the rear axles track bar.
    I will be putting some pictures on my album.
    6.0 MAX Blown

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    This thread needs to be moved into the. "My Garage" sexction. And def. needs some pics posted

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