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Thread: 5.3 intake bolt to LS3 heads?

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    5.3 intake bolt to LS3 heads?

    I'm interested in buying a GMPP LSX376 and I was wondering if the stock truck intake off my 04 5.3 would bolt up to the LS3 heads? I would like to do this to keep my current fuel rails and TB setup.

    ...according to this it ^^, the LSX/L92 & LSX/LS3 will work with my intake, but the part #12615879 LS3 heads will not? Oh and does "Cathedral Port" just mean the tall style truck intake, compared to the low L92 style LS1 intake?
    I'm new at all this so any help would be awesome. Thanks.

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    No it's not going to work. Cathredal port means the port shape on the heads, your 5.3 has them. 6.2 L92/LS3 has rectangular intake ports.
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