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Thread: pictorial documentary of the yet unnamed 06 lwb modfest

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    pictorial documentary of the yet unnamed 06 lwb modfest

    Welcome and thank you. Been in the square body scene for a while but going back to where it all started with me.
    Couldn't afford any of the localish rcsb trucks so I picked up this gem for a cool grand.
    2006 rclb with a utility body, plain Jane manual interior work truck 4.8 all stock. big HP goals for this truck. Stay tuned
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    First step was to get the utility bed off it and try and sell it to get some funds back.<br />
    <br />
    Next step we pulled the one tire fire axle off and swapped to a limited slip with disc brake unit. It cost 350 and we got 75 back for our axle. I did have to buy 12 dollars worth of new brake line to make the swap work.
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    Got the 60e trans or as we like to call it "the powerglide" seeing as only two gears work, got it loose and almost ready to come out.

    Started removing all the underhood stuff for the cam swap

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    Ordered the new TCI flexplate to add our 4l80e into the mix with new verter bolts.

    And ordered BTR stage 3, and some springs, and install kit

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    Also ordered some elcheapo longtubes headers and air intake.

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    So far:
    Truck: 1000
    Trans: 1200
    Cam/springs/install kit: 450
    Flexplate: 300
    Headers and intake: 325
    Total: 3275.00

    How am I doing?? I think I want a 3600 stall converter but I need to do some more research/get opinions

    I need to ask if I should get some deka 80s injectors now or in a long while when I go turbo.
    But as of right now simple cam stall and 80e swap with limited slip and 3.73 is the plan...maybe a wet nitrous kit.

    We have seriously talked about taking out our ninja sword the PO left under the seat and hacking the frame down to swb because I don't want to pay good money for a long bed.
    I have some 24" brand spanking new honeycombs I took off my caddy when I sold it.

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    Oh boy!!! Finding a 6 mount 3200 and up stall is tough......for less than 1100 doll hairs

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    Well, got a local ish company in kennedale tx to make me a 32-3600 stall lockup converter for 645 shipped. Yay!!
    Total: 3920.00
    Tune and a few misc small parts and fluids should be(should be) all that is left.

    Then I have to decide whether or not to shorten it and make it a shortbed

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    60e is out, exhaust is out, heads off. Next step tomorrow

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