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Thread: new truck - 84 gmc sierra

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    Looks really sweet with the new rollers! Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks. I've been working on a turbo kit for it lately. I have a spare engine that I am mocking it up on. I am going to use the on3 78 mm and their waste gate and blowoff valve. I was thinking of running the down pipe out the bottom of the passenger fender but am afraid of how loud it will be.

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    How tough was the wiring? I saw you used LT1swap to follow. When you installed the harness, did it fire right up or did you run into issues?
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    Wiring wasn't bad at all. I did follow lt1swap.com and it help alot. I removed all the trans wires from the harness but when i do my next swap I am leaving them in. Its really not worth the work. After I got everything all hooked up and got the ecu tuned it did just fire right up. It was an exciting moment.

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    I got a new daily so I can park my truck and start the turbo project. The turbo is a 76mm from On3performance.

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    Damn! Sorry about the huge pic. Lol

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    What did you do for a fuel pump? Where did you get fuel line? Thanks

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