Hey guys! I would like advice on performance parts for my application.

I am installing a 2001 LM7 5.3 and 4L60E into my 1965 GMC truck. (3500lbs, 3:54 gears, 31.3” rear tires, CAI, Corvette servo & long tubes). The truck will be street driven only, never drag raced or tracked.

Cam lope and improved acceleration for speeds up to 80mph are most desirable. Huge power gains at high RPMS are not necessary as I am not searching for impressive peak power numbers. Please recommend the parts that would achieve the following goals.

Smooth drivability
Healthy cam lope
Performance improvement
No performance loss at lower RPMs

A “drop in” cam would be my preferred purchase. However, if a higher stall convertor and springs would be needed, I am open to suggestions. Also, if you can recommend a tuner in the south Houston area or a good mail order tuner, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!