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Thread: 6.0 liter tuning for low end power. Premium fuel vs Regular fuel tune

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    6.0 liter tuning for low end power. Premium fuel vs Regular fuel tune

    First post here.

    Truck is a 2005 Hummer H2. Currently has a stock motor with long tube headers, no cats, cat back Magnaflow, and CAI.

    The ECM was programmed by Blackbear with just a generic tune based off my mods. Its extremely rich. Exhaust is BLACK and sooty.

    I just had a knock sensor go out and well, since the intake is coming off....

    Its getting a Trailblazer SS intake and 90mm throttle body. I have all the parts and also doing water pump, fa clutch, etc. while its apart.

    The work is being done at SCNS in Sarasota. They have an all wheel drive dyno and can tune the truck after the mods are done.

    I am looking for low end power. This truck weighs about 7500 pounds. Ive weighed it. One 37" tires I need all the low end I can get. Yes I know those headers prob werent the best choice. This thing will never be "fast". Im good with that.

    So I am wondering if tuning it for premium fuel might actually pay for itself in increased mileage. I currently get about 9mpg around town. I occasionally tow a 3500 boat or horse trailer as well. I am only turning about 2,000 rpm at 70mph. Its def not happy now but with the knock sensor out I would imagine its pulling the timing out.

    Any input appreciated.

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    If you are black smoking you have some serious tuning issues. If you paid a professional tuner to tune it then he needs to go back and look at it again. Find a someone with HP Tuners, and if possible find a chassis dyno and they can hook a wide band up to your tail pipe. The tuner can make the appropriate to your tune at that point. I assume you are using the GM computer. It's my understanding that you can tune a high octane tune and if the tuner doesn't turn it off, the truck can use the knock sensors to "switch " to a lower timing table if you are pinging. I'm not sure I explained that right but hopefully you get the idea. Unfortunately some tuners disable that function so the vehicle stays on the high octane tune all the time. It's not necessary to do that but quite common. Good luck.

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