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Thread: Cam suggestions

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    Cam suggestions

    So I am in the middle of doing a 6.0 lq4 swap into my 95 k1500 and am looking to do a cam while I have the motor out. It'll be a first as far as cams go so I'm looking for suggestions. I called lunati and the guy recommended a voodoo with 212/218 duration. Part number 20540710. I have read in a few other places guys claim that wasn't much of a change and recommend 222/228 duration or even a little higher than that. My truck is sitting on 37's with 5.13's and 5 speed. Any input helps. Thanks

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    Allen from http://www.nelsonperformance.com/ can spec one out for you, or here: http://www.guerragroup.com/#!motorsports/c1y41
    Here is some info I have gotten from another member on here.

    ...like this one, or if it is to big for what you were thinking, do this one at minimum. The 5.7L can handle more duration and a little bit more lift than the 5.3L and still retain some decent DD qualities.

    If you are looking for a cam package, use www.texas-speed.com and check out there cam packages here. The cool thing is that you can do a cam, pushrods, and springs for $579.
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